Luxe Dominoes Modern Elegant Playing Card

  • 6000

  • PLAYING CARDS DECK HOLDER TRAY – this new modern deluxe playing card case is a beautiful piece of work that makes playing cards look stylish and premium. It can serve as a case or tray while playing cards.
  • PREMIUM MODERN DESIGN – the deluxe acrylic case and different colored acrylic cover make this a unique piece and a totally different card case then others.
  • 2 DECKS OF PLAYING CARDS – this elegant classy case of playing cards comes with 2 decks of playing cards for you use and enjoyment – one red and one blue deck.
  • AMAZING SET – this playing card deck holder case tray is like no other because it is a piece of art. The acrylic case is designed and crafted in the USA.
  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY – this Pinta playing card set is great for everyone. It makes as a unique and special gift for mom, dad, family and friends. Enjoy playing poker, black jack, bridge, rummy, spades, go fish, canasta, barajas, war or any other card game!

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