Luxe Dominoes La Ficha Poker Chip Set " La Ficha".

  • 14000

  • POKER CHIPS - this unique modern poker chips set is hand made in acrylic with a removable top lid
  • HIGH QUALITY - the chips are heavy and sturdy. They come blank with no numbers so you can choose the denomination of each chip value
  • FEEL LIKE REAL CASINO CHIPS - great set for playing poker, blackjack, texas holdem or any other casino game. Chips are good, useable and stackable. Weight 11.5 grams each and 1.58 inch diameter
  • PREMIUM CASE - this amazing and modern acrylic box will catch your eye, and make you feel like a million bucks. Makes for a great gift idea
  • GREAT FOR GAME NIGHT - use your chips with friends, family, colleagues to play and have fun. Great for any game room, lounge, office, bar and club

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